Newsletter Silvester 2019

Newsletter Silvester 2019
"Not another pet shop again!"

That, or something like that, was certainly some Comments when the first visitors came to our homepage. Sure, there are already some pet shops and they also offer nice products.

At the beginning, these were our thoughts when we were looking for a comfortable but stylish bed for our French bulldog Coco.
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Long research in the limitless expanse of the Internet or in local pet shops have not yielded any results. Either the comfort properties were right, but the optics weren't, or the opposite was the case.

We wanted to combine the two and create design products that match theirs Exclusivity were unique.

After the idea came the planning and implementation, which took a lot of effort, headache and time.

At the end of 2017, Coco contracted an immune disease that was caused by a tick bite and quickly determined our everyday lives. After a long, sometimes serious illness, Coco left us on May 5th, 2019.

She left us a lasting legacy as a source of ideas for our company. CAO - lifestyle for pets. < / div>
We have made it our task to always put the customer first. Be it with the delivery of quality products or with our customer service.

Our prices are not sale prices and we do not offer a 60, 70 or 80% discount. But aren't these rather dubious offers from companies that only want to operate on the market for a short time, take everything with them and then disappear from the picture?

Yes, quality has its price. But doesn't this put into perspective quickly if a product lasts a long time, looks beautiful and is fun? Isn't it always something that cost a little more, be it money or effort, to find such a beautiful part that is particularly important to us?

We came to stay !

That's why we're rocking the year 2020 with you and starting with lots of new and great products. This includes bowls that you have probably never seen before, newly designed beds and sofas for our favorite four-legged friends and so much more. As a newsletter subscriber, you will be the first to know.

And last but not least, a HUGE thanks!

Thanks to everyone who has bought from CAO and added to their home furnishings.

Thank you to everyone who believed in us.

Thank you to everyone who smiled at us.

You give us the extra motivation every day.

Above all, thanks to the previously unknown to us, who sent us positive and constructive messages and who selflessly helped us in the quiet closet without asking for an equivalent.

You are in our eyes you the winners of the year 2019!

We look back melancholy on a year full of emotions, ups and downs and face the new year with full confidence, hope and excitement.

On I wish you a happy new year

The CAO - Team - Coco, Aylin and Özkan ❤️

Let's Rock'n'Roll !!!