Who are we?

It's always such a thing to talk about yourself. Either you exaggerate excessively and glorify yourself in every statement or you express disproportionate modesty. This is an attempt to avoid both extremes and in a nutshell a transparent and clear picture of us, the founders of
CAO - lifestyle for pets , to give.

Who do I want to be?

The monotonous and dreary everyday life escape: that was Aylin's long-awaited wish. As a franchise partner of a car rental company, it felt right and good at the beginning, because in the end it dropped money and that was the main thing.But over time the view of the essential changed. She wanted more - not more monetary, but more perfection, more meaning in life, a goal that would be worth striving for. She has always loved animals. From childhood to adulthood, from guinea pigs to cats to dogs, she always had unconditionally loving companions. The conviction that the soul of an animal can heal the soul of a person and vice versa brought her to an idea that she couldn't let go of.
Your idea was simple but not less important: at some point you would set up a shelter for street dogs and open a children's home right next door for restless children, plagued by fate. Thus, the animals could beautify the life of the children and the sadness would be removed from their souls a little way. She knew that it was an ambitious goalhowever, she knew from the very first moment - she would do anything to get there.
But it was necessary to set up a successful company in order to keep such a goal for many years to ensure. There were some business opportunities, but she was never really convinced and it was not put into practice. Until the day she happened to meet a young gentleman with whom everything she didn't know at the time was about to change.

Die Break chains!

Özkan was employed as a sales manager in a medium-sized company. A classic 9 till 5 jobber would be said, but his days felt endless and he was unable to put off the thoughts of "not being free" after work.
He has had the desire of his own business for ages, nevertheless he decided on the security that such an employment relationship brought with it. Somehow his studies had paid off and he got a job that paid off. Even if he didn't really enjoy the job, he knew that he had to bring his internal values ​​such as loyalty and hard work. So he drove to his work place day in and day out with a queasy feeling in his stomach. He knew he had to take off the safety coat and finally pursue his dream. But what idea should he put into practice?
Fate takes a lot of strange paths and so it was an interaction of, let's call it a stroke of luck and mystical facts, that he met Coco.


The French bulldog Coco, born in 2011, was actually quite happy with her life. Aylin took care of her with the greatest attention and gave her love that was out of the ordinary for many observers. Long walks through the forest, side trips to the lake and of course the everyday throwing of sticks in every season brought a lot of fun and variety to her life. But she preferred the cuddle days, on which she lay down on the bed with Aylin and let herself be passed all day.

The farewell.
And one day he was there. At the beginning, this stranger Özkan, who came out of nowhere and unexpectedly. She seemed to feel that he had no contact points with dogs before, but because of her charm she quickly wrapped him around her paws.
Spent a long time the three now together until Coco one day began to show no appetite. In a relatively short time, she was severely weakened by an immune disease. Countless visits to the veterinarian brought only brief improvements until one night, due to an acute shortage of breath, she made the decision to say goodbye on the way to the veterinary clinic.

CAO - lifestyle for pets

Zurückblickend auf ein erfülltes und freies Leben, mit ihrer Art der Gemütlichkeit und der Suche nach dem besten Platz in jedem Zimmer, inspirierte und infizierte sie Aylin und Özkan mit einer Idee, die lange nach ihrem Tod Wellen schlagen wird.